Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Kelly Students Preparing Community for February Election

According to the Board of Elections, the 12th ward has the lowest voter turnout in the city of Chicago! As a result, the students of Kelly High School have made it their priority to spread the word on the importance of voting. Kelly students learned the importance of voting through out their classes, freshmen studied ancient Greece and the creation of DEMOCRACY, sophomores studied the U.S Constitution, juniors studied the struggles of minorities in American society to get the vote. As they have studies these important electoral issues, our students are also becoming fed up with the notion that their opinion does not count.

Well, these students are taking steps to insure that they are heard and that people/parents come out to vote. Kelly High School in partnership with Brighton Park Neighborhood Council and the Chicago Teachers Union, will host an Aldermanic Forum for the 12th ward. Students have been working hard getting the word out to parents and community members to attend. The forum will be held at Burroughs Elementary on Tuesday January 25, 2011 at 6:00pm.

On February 22….Election Day, students will work diligently to get residents of the 12th ward to the voting booth!! Our students understand that in order for our community to improve, we must elect individuals that are willing to listen to their constituents and genuinely care for the ward.


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