Sunday, January 16, 2011

GVA Students Serve at One Hope United Center

Joining more than 500 CPS students and teachers and 2,500 adult volunteers from Target, Kraft, and other companies, Global Vision and Bogan High School students served at the One Hope United Child Development Center on Saturday, January 15, in honor of Martin Luther King's birthday.

Marquesha Harden of Global Visions Academy calls King Day her favorite day of the year. It’s the most important day.” As Marquesha helped create colorful murals that would enliven the child development center, she said that "without Dr. King, we wouldn’t be able to plan our own future or make our voice stand out.”

Marquesha continued: “Volunteering builds your confidence. You feel good about yourself. It lets you know you did something good for someone. And it brings people together. It’s great to meet new people.”

Another GVA student, Kinyaba Leviston, liked the idea of people working together. "No one is arguing. We're helping other people. Everyone is just getting along in order to help others."

Students spend the day working at senior centers, elementary schools, social service centers, libraries, and homeless shelters.

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  1. Thank you so much to the students who came out to help One Hope United!