Sunday, February 26, 2012

Student Leaders Meet with Principals at 2nd Annual Summit

More than 100 CPS high school students gathered at Phoenix Military Academy to share their concerns and ideas with principals during the second annual Harris Fellows Principal-Student Summit.

The Summit is designed to bring students and principals together to dialogue about issues of concern to students and to provide a voice for students as schools consider improvement strategies.

This year student leaders choose the following four issues for discussion:

  1. Student-Student relationships
  2. Classroom management
  3. Principal-Student relationship building
  4. Longer school day
Students met at Phoenix to deliberate and discuss potential recommendations for principals then prepared skits, a student panel, and a set of recommendations for discussion. At the end of the summit, principals and students presented the main ideas and recommendations in these areas.

These ideas will be prepared for presentation to top CPS leadership in the coming weeks.

Harris Fellows exists to provide a voice for students and to support the development of student leadership organizations in schools across the District. Many thanks to the Harris Fellows student leadership who put the summit together, the 100+ students in attendance, and the teachers and principals who showed their support for students by attending and dialoguing with the students.

For more information about Harris Fellows, the Summit, or how students can be involved in this work, contact Cristina Salgado at

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