Monday, December 6, 2010

World Citizen Award

Heather Pavona, English teacher and Service-Learning Coach at Kelvyn Park High School, was just awarded the World Citizen Award by Hostelling International Chicago. On Friday, December 3, 2010, Heather received the award in recognition of her work to develop students as global citizens. She has actively engaged her students in global learning through Exchange Neighborhoods, Cultural Kitchen, and Community Walls - three key programs of Hostelling Internaional Chicago. Through Exchange Neighborhoods, two CPS high school classrooms from different schools are paired together to explore and share their community's culture with one another. Through Cultural Kitchen, a high school classroom provides a presentation about a country around the world and then prepares a dinner from that country's cuisine for international travelers. Finally, Community Walls enables students to study the culture of their community, create works of art that represent the community, and then share their work with international visitors. Each Hostelling experience culminates with an overnight stay at the hostel.

The vision of Hostelling International Chicago is to create a community of caring world citizens who exhibit respect, excitement and understanding of cultural diversity whether they are looking across the block or across the globe. The hostel's mission is to bring peace building curriculum into the classroom through partnerships with and training of teachers.

Heather has been a great supporter and practitioner of peace building and service-learning opportunities as a teacher and Service-Learning Coach at Kelvyn Park High School. We believe these experiences generate and reinforce important life learning, connect students to global issues, develop effective citizenship skills, and build critical social/emotional skills. Congratulations to Heather and her students at Kelvyn Park for doing their part to make this world a better place.

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