Tuesday, November 30, 2010

CPS Students to help Celebrate Jane Addams' 150th

From Monday, December 6 - Friday, December 10, 2010, CPS high school students will be learning about the progressive social worker, peace activist, and civic leader Jane Addams in their classrooms then serving Chicago's communities throughout the city. Students will have the opportunity to work with children in historic settlement houses, gather stories from immigrants and refugees, participate in a peace vigil, and gather winter gear for newly arriving refugee families from the Middle East.

Jane Addams, one of the most important leaders from the progressive era, and a Chicagoan, developed the settlement house movement in the United States with a first site at 800 South Halsted in the 1890's. CPS teachers gathered at the historic settlement house, now a museum, for a workshop on November 18 to learn about service opportunities and new curriculum that prepares students for service projects.

As the city prepares to celebrate the 150th birthday of Jane Addams, CPS students will be connecting progressive era history with contemporary issues facing Chicago's citizens and discovering how they can be an important part of building the common good in our city...in the spirit of Chicago's own Jane Addams.

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